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Frequently Asked Questions

No, heat is not typically a significant issue with modern-designed turf. Synthetic turf from SavePro Turf is designed with safety and comfort in mind, whether for preschools, playgrounds, dog parks, or family backyards. We avoid using crumb rubber-type infill in our turf installations, making our turf cooler than typical sports fields. Like other outdoor surfaces, our turf can get hot to the touch when temperatures exceed 90 degrees, but it doesn’t retain heat and cools down quickly, unlike concrete and other hardscape surfaces. And our turf blades are engineered to create more air space, reducing heat compared to older-style products. On excessively hot days, a quick rinse with a garden hose can dramatically decrease turf temperature.
Artificial turf isn't just for humans - your furry friends will love it too! In fact, around 70% of our turf installations are for families with pets. Modern synthetic turf is designed with pets in mind, eliminating the need for separate "pet turf" unless for specific commercial contexts. We utilize a 100% natural infill, particularly engineered for pets but which is also safe for children to play on. Extra care is taken during installation to secure the turf edges for pet use. This infill naturally repels pet urine while maintaining a clean and healthy environment. However, it's worth noting that regular rinsing of the turf is essential (we recommend twice a month) to manage pet usage. For an added layer of cleanliness, there are cost-effective antimicrobial cleaners available, such as those manufactured by Simple Green, specifically for pets and artificial grass. With SavePro Turf, you and your pets can enjoy a healthy outdoor space worry-free.
Artificial turf is a long-term investment, and with proper care and maintenance can last 20 years or more. The majority of synthetic turf installations in the U.S. are in regions with hot and dry weather, which is ideal for artificial grass. Most manufacturers are confident enough to assert that their turf will last between 15 and 20 years, and some even longer. When you choose SavePro Turf for your artificial grass installation, you’ll receive a direct material warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty can last up to 16 years, and protects against defects, sun fade, and degradation of turf fibers. To help your turf maintain its appearance and durability, we recommend some light-duty maintenance using a plastic leaf rake or blower to remove debris, and occasional rinsing to prevent dirt build-up.
Compared to the costs associated with maintaining a natural lawn, synthetic turf installation is an investment that can pay for itself in a short amount of time while ensuring an appealing and vibrant outdoor space all year round. With rising water supply issues in California and the impending water rate increases, synthetic turf provides a cost-effective solution. We also offer convenient financing options subject to credit approval. Installation cost averages between $7.50 to $9.50 per square foot, depending on the size of the install and the type of turf selected, and the cost for putting green installations can be slightly higher. If you receive a lower bid from another contractor, be sure to ask about their licensing, insurance, turf quality, and experience. SavePro Turf proudly holds the requisite State of California Specialty License [C-61/ D-12] to professionally install synthetic turf, and not all turf contractors do. If you receive a bid that’s significantly higher, you might be overpaying and unknowingly subsidizing heavy advertising costs, excessive profits, and high overhead costs. The wholesale cost difference between the cheapest and the most expensive turf is less than $2 per square foot. It's also important to note that anyone providing a home improvement estimate on your California property must be licensed as a Home Improvement Salesperson with an ID card or owner. SavePro’s salespeople undergo full state background checks and are subject to state licensing rules and regulations to ensure your peace of mind.
We have extensive experience in turf installation with over 5 million square feet installed. We've honed our process to perfection, always adhering to industry standards and manufacturer specifications. 1. We begin by preparing a solid foundation for the turf, compacting 2"-3" of aggregate crushed rock base to ensure good drainage. 2. Next comes a high-density weed barrier secured with attachments to deter unwanted growth from penetrating the artificial grass. 3. We then infill and power broom the turf fibers to make the artificial grass look realistic and lush. 4. There are a few little final tricks of the trade unique to SavePro Turf to ensure the final beautiful result. Great turf installation requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge, and the pros at SavePro Turf have that in abundance. Contact us to find out more!